Eagle Pest Services is Experienced in Dealing with Spiders in Northern Virginia


There is one insect that will send chills up your spine quicker than others and that is the spider. The sight of a spider seems to send most humans into a tail spin of terror and panic. While this is sometimes fun to watch from a distance, the experience can be quite traumatic if you go through it yourself. Of course most spider species are harmless and will leave you alone, however there are a few species of spiders crawling around Northern Virginia that you should be mindful of. Eagle Pest Services pest technicians are skilled, experienced and very knowledgeable when it comes to spiders that can potentially harm you.

Add Professional Termite Inspection to the Top of Your Spring Priority List


Many homeowners use spring time as an excuse to finally get their home in the shape that it deserves. Landscaping projects, fertilization, new garden boxes and even building a deck out back are all jobs that are fun to get done in the spring time. Not only can these projects improve the look and feel of your home, but they will also add value to your home. Your home is one of your biggest investments and so you should take every measure to protect it. One step that will ensure the value of your home does not decrease is by getting a professional termite inspection.


If you Think you Don’t Have a bug Problem, You’re Wrong


Many homeowners make the huge mistake of not hiring a professional pest control service to regularly treat their home. We are a few weeks into spring and if you have not seen any insects around or inside of your home, you may be thinking you have no need for a professional pest control service. This type of thinking could potentially leave you with a major pest infestation throughout your home by the end of the summer. Do not assume that your home is immune to insects and rodents this spring and upcoming summer. Contact Eagle Pest Services today to begin regular maintenance visits from a professional pest technician.


How to Prevent & Identify Cockroaches in Your Home.


Cockroaches are one of those types of pests that are really not good for anything and can cause some panic when you see one run across the floor. They are a sneaky pest and hide during the day so they are not seen. At night when the house is dark and quiet they tend to sneak out and go on the hunt for food and water. That is why most people tend to see them when they go in the kitchen for a late night snack. When you turn on the light, they all run to the edge of the room and hide under a cabinet or appliance. Once you start to see pests such as cockroaches around your home, the problem is worse than you think. Cockroaches are very cautious and will stay hidden so that you are not aware of their presence. If you see just a few, there are likely many more you aren't seeing.