What Happens to Pests in Cold Winter Weather & Freezing Temperatures?

We are now at the end of fall and before we know it, winter will come along. And so will those common winter pests we find here in Virginia. You may have noticed them already. As the temperatures drop, many pests will either hibernate or go looking for a warm place with enough food to get them through the harsh winter. The number one place that fits that bill is your home. Now that we are in the fall season, this is your last chance to prepare for those winter intruders. Eagle Pest Control will warn you of the common winter pests and how to better prepare for them.

Cockroach Dangers; Myths VS Facts

There are many myths about cockroaches that many people take as true or just that— a myth. However there have been many studies conducted to prove which ones are myths and which ones are facts. Eagle Pest Services will share some of these discoveries to help you as a homeowner, business owner or a property manager learn what is reality and what notions are simply myths.    

Why Do I Have Pests If My House Is Clean?

There is an old myth that people assume when your house is clean, pests will not come in. That is really just not true at all and even the cleanest homes are a place that pests will set up a nest. Pests are not fun to find in any home since there are many that not only cause damage and destruction but also aggravate allergies, spread bacteria and also be venomous. If some pests bite a person, that can lead to needing the help of a health care professional. If you have an issue with pests of any sort, even if you have a clean home, you can call a professional pest control company to come out and treat the problem for you.

Fall Time Nuisance Bird Cleanup & Prevention

Okay folks, now that fall is here and winter is right around the corner, you may notice that your homes and businesses are free from many of those pests with wings. Many have migrated for the winter, giving you a reprieve from washing pigeon poop off your homes and businesses. But wait, don’t relax yet. This is your golden opportunity to clean the old messes left behind and begin preparations for the inevitable return. Eagle Pest Services will walk you through basic steps to prevent pigeon and other unwanted pests from making your roof their home this coming spring.